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Dreams Reflect

the True Self
A Jungian Perspective

Dreams are the direct, natural expression of the current condition of the dreamer's mental world/psychology

  • Dreams are a direct link to the unconscious
  • Dreams are nature's tool to help resolve emotional issues/conflicts
  • Dreams can reveal underlying reasons for conflicts in your waking life
  • Dreams can reveal personality traits/attitudes that are out of balance & need attention/resolution
  • Dreams can assist in personal and spiritual growth
  • Dreams can enhance imagination and creativity

  • It is well established dreams have a primary language of symbol and metaphor as well as literal applications
    Example: the car is you, your direction/position in lfe
    Analyzing dreams requires an amplification and interpretation of the individual images and actions and extracting the emotional patterns/energies that are reflective of the dreamer's psyche

    Professional Dream Analysis & Dream Interpretation
    Personal Analysis
    Promoting Personal & Spiritual Growth Through Dream Analysis/Interpretation
    24 years experience/1000s of dreams interpreted at the Power of Dreams Dream Forum
    Free Initial Dream Interpretation & Consultation
    Contact me to discuss whether dream analysis is a viable method in helping you recognize and resolve emotional issues. I am confident my analysis/interpretations will provide insights to inner conflicts and aid you in the discovery and understanding of the underlying causes for emotional issues.

    Gerald Gifford

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    Initial dream analysis and interpretation are FREE {as is the consultation}. Only after a thorough examination of initial dream will there be a discussion for future services. Fees will be thoroughly discussed prior to any further consultation. There is not any obligation for future services
    Note: I am not a psychologist or do I offer any psychological services. My abilities are from 20+ years of practical experience in working with dreams, developed intuitive insights and knowledge gained from analyzing 1000s of dreams at my Dream Forum
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