Home For Rescue-Homeless-Feral Cats
Current Residents-17 Furry Felines
Jerry Gifford-Guardian {Sole}
Located Altoona, Fl. in Ocala National Forest

Brief History of Kitty City
In 2013 I Became Involved With Animal Rescue Community in Brevard County Florida
Brevard County Advocacy for Animals
In March 2014 I bought a Home In Cocoa Fl and Began the Rescue and Built the Original Kitty City
In Nov. 2018 I moved to Altoona, Fl. and Reconstructed Kitty City
I Am A Retired Contractor and Work Parttime To Help Support Kitty City
All Cats Are Spayed/Neutered And Personally Cared For
Your Help Would Be Appreciated-By All Of My Furry Felines

Questions? E-Mail Me

Photos of Some of the Domesticated Cats

Little Boy

Mellow {Rag Doll Breed}

Momma Cat

Little Girl


Tiny Girl, Mother & Two Kittens
All Adopted Out as a Family
New Kitty City Altoona, Fl.
The new indoor/outdoor enclosures and housing {I personally built all enclosures}

Front of new location in Altoona

Front Screened Area Access to Inside

Side View Front Screened Area

Back Summer Room Access to Outside

Mamma Cat Entering Summer Room

Back Yard Feral Area

Wide View

Another View of Feral Area

Domestic Area Adjacent to Summer Room

Close Up View

Side Entrance View of Feral Area

Cat Run From Feral to Domestic Areas

View Looking Toward Summer Room

Cat Run Summer Room to Caged Areas

Looking from Back of Home

Inside Feral Area
I've added a lot more to Kitty City.
To see new photos see
Altoona Kitty City Sept 2019

Old Kitty City Cocoa, Fl.
This is the indoor/domesticated cat enclosure I built housing 7 cats
There is also a colony of 7 feral cats residing outside enclosed area/in yard

Area from side door/behind front open garage

Same area/other direction/a peeping Little Boy

Fat Missy relaxing in runway from front
These are most recent additions to Kitty City
The caged areas and runs house 7 cats
7 feral cat family live outside the caged areas/in yard
A domestic cat from across street cat
also part of extended family

Overhead resting stand/side door area

A second overhead resting stand

Little Boy/runway to side yard runway

Latest 10x20 addition/added to existing area

Little Girl, Little Boy, Mellow relaxing

These Photos Are Where Feral Cats Reside. They Like To Hide and Have Plenty of Places To Do So
Including In and Under Storage Building

There Are Plans to Create Chain Link Enclosure Like The Two Photos Above. I want To Totally Secure the Feral Family As I have the Domestics

Th Above Photo Has An Orange Feral At Top. Look Close And You Can See A Gray Tabby At Bottom
The Second Row Has Two More Ferals, A Long Hair and Behind Him The Mother Cat

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