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In 2013 I Became Involved With Saving Sheltered Animals in Brevard County Florida
In March 2014 I bought a Home In Cocoa Fl and Moved In with My 4 Cats
I Was Soon Feeding Community and Feral Cats/None Were Turned Away
I Have Constructed an Enclosure for a Small Feral Colony I Call Kitty City
I Have Spayed/Neutered These Animals And Continuing To Feed/Care For Them Daily
Your Help In This Endeavor Would Be Appreciated-By All Of My Furry Felines

I Am Retired and Work Saturdays With The Family Fence Construction Company To Help Pay For This Costly Endeavor

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Jerry Gifford
1876 Baylor Ct., Cocoa, Fl. 32922
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Photos of Some of the Feral/Community Cats {currently caring for 18 cats}....Click on Images to Enlarge

Little Boy

Mellow {Rag Doll Breed}

Momma Cat

Little Girl


Tiny Girl, Mother & Two Kittens
All Adopted Out as a Family
Kitty City
This is the feral cat enclosure I built and will expand as funds become available
The colony numbers nine cats-enclosed for their safety/so not to antagonize neighbors
They have taken well to the enclosure. Additional runs and a 6ft tall open 'condo' with resting perches is planned for the future

Feral Cat Enclosure/Cats Have Access to Storage Building

Back Side/Covered, Dry and Secure

Feral Resting in Enclosure/Neutered Male

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