Long Dreams vs Short Dreams
There is hardly any research on this topic but the one I found that has merit {by a psychologist who keeps a dream journal} and it agrees with my conclusion. Both have the same message {although he looks for statistical patterns whereas I look for emotional patterns}. My experience is long dreams are repetitive which may be due to the strength the emotional energies being addressed. They tend to point to the underlying energies on a repetitive nature whereas a short dream gets straight to the issue/message. I tend to analyze a dream by giving more attention to the beginning and ending since the former lays out the general plot and the ending finalizes the message and provides insights to how to remedy the emotional conflicts. The message inbetween is pretty much the same with a longer dream repeating, the underlying energies. It is always important to analyze the whole dream since there is at least two {or more} meanings/applications with parts of a long dream focusing on one aspect more than another.