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Message From Jerry {Guardian}

In 2013 I became involved with the animal rescue community in Brevard County. When I began the county shelters were euthanizing 400 animals a month. With my experience in web design I creates a site that highlited the issues involved with what was wrong with Brevard County Animal Shelters. The rescue community had been working for years to make improvements and to save sheltered animals. With their strong dedication to saving animal lives Brevard County Animal Control is today a NO KILL shelter.

In 2014 I bought a house in Cocoa and with my 4 cats moved to our new home. Having a strong affection for cats I was soon feeding strays and feral cats. To insure their health and safety I began construction on Kitty City Cocoa to house and control the felines. But because one neighbor did like cats I found myself in conflict with local codes department. Instead of abandoning my responsibilites I instead sold my home and bought another in rural Altoona in the Ocala Forest. It is a small community that believes in letting others alone. Most have multiply animals, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, etc. Being in rural Lake County there is little worry about code restrictions.

Of course with the move I had to rebuild Kitty City. After 4 years I am still adding and renovating, trying to insure the health and safety of my furry rescues. Not only their physical health but also their psycholgical well being. It is demanding task but one I am dedicated to. The phsyacl demand is great but so too the economical aspect is as well. I am retired but still give one day a week to our family fence business to supplement my income at least of which half goes to their care.

The expense is great in caring for 15 furry felines. The cost alone to feed them a proper diet is more than $125 a week. Medications and vet visits add tremendously to the expense. I have thus far gotten by but any monetary contribution would be greatly appreciated. My Power of Dreams website is an endeavor I began long before my cat rescue. Before I took on these responsibilities I provided free interpretations to posted dreams at my Dream Forum. Unfortunately the care for my cats is now a fulltime job and I only work with dreams on an e-mail request basis only.
I appreciate your attention
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